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Best material for showers and baths? Acrylic!

UncategorizedPublished July 18, 2014 at 12:14 am No Comments

The answer is acrylic. Think smooth, warm to the touch, and non-porous, so the scum and bacteria can’t find any crevices to lurk in, unlike tile and fiberglass.  So when I shower, I squeegee and I’m finished,  -no scrubbing necessary! Having had a tile shower, I would spend the entire morning trying (and failing) to get the yuck out of my old tile, only to have it grow back again within weeks. This is NOT my idea of a good time! So I LOVE acrylic! If you don’t like to squeegee, you can also wash acrylic with a soft cleanser like formula 409, if you prefer.  All in all, counting other factors like ease of installation, cost, and versatility, acrylic is a wonderful material for anyone’s bath or shower!